Aura Camera MbGA

Neuro-device represents Multimedia software and hardware package with a sensor (temperature sensor and a sensor that measures the electrical conductivity of the skin). The leading principle of the biological feedback (BIOFEEDBACK) with the use of a set of patterns of the auric field.

Changes in a person’s physical or psychoemotional state are accompanied by changes in a number of their physiological characteristics, including electro-skin activity and temperature. In addition, each person has certain average and stable values of these parameters. It is these biological data that.

Please note that this is not a medical device, but Multimedia software and hardware package, designed for educational research purposes

The main characteristic of the MbGA Aura camera is the simplicity of the device and reliability in operation. The most important thing is the ability to correctly interpret the readings, obtained as a result of scanning. This is why we pay great attention to learning how to use this device.

Training is included in the basic price.

In the hands of an amateur or a person who has not been trained, this device will be just a toy and nothing more.

It is very important to understand that the information generated by the program corresponds to the real vision of experts: psychics, bioenergetics, etc., all who can see the fields.

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Certificate of conformity № 1026976

We draw attention of skeptics and critics who believe that the photo of the aura is the result of a webcam. This is misconception. There are no such devices.

Photo of an aura and the formation of reports, based on human psychotypes, processed by the computer program as a result of measuring data by sensors from a person’s hand.

At the moment when the device reads all necessary physical indicators of a person, program selects a personal image for him from the database, which is formed by the basis of previous researches. This database is based on indicators of people who participated in the research of specialists who worked on the creation of this program.

The task of the device is to determine the most accurate psychoemotional state of a person, and the task of the program is to select the appropriate patterns from an extensive database.

The program has about 1000 data options for identifying the current psychoemotional state of a person.

An innovative algorithm for decoding parameters and a unique calculation scheme makes it possible to obtain a number of emotional markers, which reflects the actual emotional state of a person.

This program has been assigned an official certificate; registration number: 2014612952.

How does it works:

You sit down, special touch sensors are connected to your fingertips, which count your data.

After processing, you will clearly see the indicators of your psycho-emotional state in the form of graphs and diagrams, and information files.

Our customers

The device is intended for those who are seriously engaged in their spiritual development and personal growth, who are trying to learn to control their psycho-emotional state.

The software and hardware complex allows you to track your mental state in dynamics, and decipher the readings of sensors in the form of a system of human energy centers – chakras.

The state of the energy centers will be displayed on the screen in the form of color schemes, diagrams and graphs.



The multimedia software package helps the operator identify actual current emotional state and reveal the psychosomatic causes of problems and injuries during the consultation as well as to monitor the patient’s condition during treatment.


Choose the exercises, practices, and meditations that are most effective for you personally!
The software and hardware complex responds sensitively to changes in a person’s state after exercises, meditations, and various types of practices.
Thanks to this, you, as a leader or coach, will be able to track the status of the group in real time and, if necessary, adjust the process.

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